JoeSentMe: ‘It’s Never Failed Me’

Sunday, May 28, 2014, 3PM ET
Dear JoeSentMe member:
When I finally retired my BlackBerry last year, the very first app I purchased for my new phone was the Airport Transit Guide. And that’s no surprise, since I’d been using the Guide in book form since I started traveling on business 30 years ago.  

Let me make my point even more simply: I don’t think there’s anything better in business travel that you can do with $4.99. TheAirport Transit Guide IS all that: invaluable, indispensable and a boon for those of us who schlep from airport to airport and need to know to our transit options. It says what it does, does what it says and it’s never failed me. More than 450 airports are covered and it gives complete airport-by airport-options for trains, buses, trams, car rentals, taxis, helicopters and even ferries.

If you don’t already have the Airport Transit Guide app for your iPhone or Android phone, you should rush to the Apple App Store, Google Play or the Amazon appstore, drop the $5 and make your life on the road easier and much less annoying.

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