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Uber isn’t ubiquitous
“Uber and its junior counterpart Lyft have grown so fast that many business travelers think the ride-sharing services are everywhere. They’re not — and that’s especially true at airports, many of which push back against unlicensed and unregulated drivers. The solution? Download the apps of Flywheel and Curb, two services that offer on-demand pick-up from traditional taxi companies and other licensed drivers. Meanwhile, Groundlink is one of several apps that connect you to traditional black-car operators. And always have Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide on your mobile devices. It details all public and private options for traveling between the airport and the city.”–JOESENTME, 10/2/15

Travel Guru Ed Perkins (Chicago Tribune syndicated) AIRPORT TRANSIT GUIDE App Is His Favorite

To and From Town. Among the dozens of airport-oriented apps, my favorite remains Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide. Since its earliest print incarnation, this guide has helped vast numbers of travelers decide their best get-to-town options when they arrive at an unfamiliar airport. It’s now available only as an app, for either Apple or Android phones and tablets. You can buy ($4.99) and download it from, iTunes,, or It currently covers more than 460 airports around the world. (It is also available on Amazon for Kindle Fire and Fire TV.)


Leading aviation and travel authority Joe Brancatelli (“JoeSentMe”) offers sage advice this week on choosing gifts for the business traveler.  He is reluctant to recommend apps — with one exception, the AIRPORT TRANSIT GUIDE! 

There’s a gift card for that

Business travel is making what seems an unstopped transition from laptop computers to tablets and smartphones. But don’t even think of trying to outguess a business traveler when it comes to apps. With the possible exception of the indispensable Airport Transit Guide, I wouldn’t even know what to recommend. So play it safe and make it comfortable for the business traveler in your life: give a gift card. They’re available for Android systems, Apple devices, and Windows phones and tablets. You can even order a gift card for the Amazon Appstore.

For his other 11 recommendations, click here.




‘JoeSentMe’ Won’t Forgive Us

Now For Your Android Phone: The Airport Transit Guide I understand why he made the move, but I’ve never completely forgiven the affable Ron Salk for retiring the print edition of the Airport Transit Guide. That compact little book was one of my constant companions on the road because it gave complete, concise airport-to-city travel information and options. Salk made the move to app-only late in 2010, but it was only available for iPhone. Now Salk has released an edition for smartphones that run Android. It sells for $4.99 and you can get it from the Android marketplace here. The iPhone edition is here. Go buy it. You’ll save money and learn things

‘The Travel Insider’ Welcomes ‘ATG’ Android App

Salk’s Airport Transit Guide now Available on Android

I’ve written several times about Ron Salk’s wonderful Airport Transit Guide, and every time I enthusiastically endorse it as a must-have travel companion when you’re going to unfamiliar destinations.

Formerly a printed book, he switched to eBook format a few years ago, initially only for iOS – iPhones and iPads.  The most recent version of the eBook came out just a month ago, and I reviewed it here.

And now, at long last, it is available for Android powered devices, too.  You can now get it through the Google Store (it is an App, not a Book) and hopefully perhaps even already today, through the Amazon Marketplace too.

You’ll find it $5 very well spent.